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Microscale 48-180, Latin American T-33s




Nicaragua and Guatemala

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Scott Van Aken



For nearly 40 years, the T-33 served in the USAF. First as a jet trainer, later as a unit hack and as an 'aggressor' type of aircraft being used to test air defenses. It was finally retired from the USAF in the late 1980s. However, the T-33 continues to serve in the armed forces of a number of countries.

Its rugged and simple construction makes it perfect for those air forces that are not able to maintain a sophisticated aircraft. I would guess that there are very few air forces in the Western Hemisphere that have not had the T-33 in their inventory. Even today, Canada still uses a number of examples.

This particular sheet is for two aircraft. The Nicaraguan aircraft is listed as being natural metal overall. Perhaps. A better bet would be silver paint as it would be easier to maintain. It is even quite possible that it is in ADC Grey (FS 16473) as most T-33s were painted in that color to help prevent corrosion.

Same with the Guatemalan aircraft. While the instructions say a dark grey, I would seriously doubt that, again, going for ADC grey.
Here is some additional information you may find of interest. Reader Edgar Mertens sent in this: "...actually both T-33īs where silver and not gray as stated in the instructions, I know this for sure because I live in Guatemala city and had free access to both birds about 10 years ago.
For the Guatemala airplanes, they were disassembled and sold to the
Republic of Korea (ROK) as spare parts in exchange for UH-1 spare parts.
Last time one of this planes flew was around 1985 and yes, it was painted
ADC gray, however if memory serves, the color was more like Canadian Voodoo Gray."

While not exactly brimming with information, the instruction sheet is adequate and there are sufficient decals to do both aircraft. The sheet was undoubtedly designed for the old Hawk/Testors kit, but should work quite well with the much newer and better Hobbycraft T-33.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet! 

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