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Spada Decals 48-001: Wellington IC




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Scott Van Aken


For Trumpeter 1/48 Wellington IC kit

From Spada Decals comes this fine sheet for the Trumpeter 1/48 Wellington IC. This sheet contains markings for three aircraft:.

First is K*KX from 311 squadron in 1940. This has the white part of the roundels overpainted and has a tan leading edge to the wing, fin and horizontal stabilizers.

Next is JS*T from 16 OTU around 1942. On this one, the engine cowlings are in unpainted metal.

Finally Y from 37 Squadron in Egypt in 1942. This aircraft has had the upper surface green replaced with midstone and has a nice nose art.

The sheet includes a single set of upper wing roundels with all the fuselage roundels needed for each scheme. The sheet itself is superbly printed by AviaGraphics and appears nice and thin. As an 'auld fahrt', I should mention the the printing on the instruction sheet is quite small and difficult to read. I'd recommend a larger font on future sheets.

Some great options to replace what comes in the kit, especially as Trumpeter decals are less than optimal.

February 2007

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