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Spada Decals 32-004: French F-100D Super Sabre




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Scott Van Aken


For Trumpeter 1/32 F-100D

New to the decal scene is Spada Decals. After the usual difficulties a new enterprise seems to have, they have released their first sheets. This one is for the upcoming 1/32 F-100D Super Sabre that is being released by Trumpeter. This sheet covers six aircraft in French service. The F-100 was the main fighter bomber during the 1960s, until replaced by the Jaguar. There are basically two wings covered by this sheet, EC 3 and EC 11.

First up is from EC 2/3 'Champagne' based at Reims in 1960. This has a red intake band and wing fence.

Next, from EC 1/11 'Roussillon' at Lahr in 1966 is another unpainted finish Hun.

The first of the camo aircraft is this one from EC 2/11 'Vosges' at Toul in 1974. The camouflaged aircraft used basically a SEA camouflage scheme, and the sheet provides a guide.

Another unpainted metal one from EC 1/3 'Navarre' again, at Riems in 1960. The intake and wing fence on this are yellow.

The second camouflaged aircraft is from EC 4/11 'Jura'. This unit was based at Djibouti in 1976. The instruction sheet provides a template for the shark mouth.

Finally, from EC 3/11 'Corse' at Bremgarten in 1967 is this unpainted metal aircraft. You'll notice that unless painted in unit colors, the wing fence on these aircraft is red. These also carry the tricolor fin markings.

There are two sets of four insignia, one set large for the unpainted metal aircraft and one small set for the camouflaged versions. I can only assume there are no under wing markings on these planes as the placement guide for the camouflaged plane shows one on each upper wing. I assume that the larger roundels go in the same place.

 Basically you can do one camouflaged and one unpainted metal plane using this sheet. You'll have to mix and match the fuselage codes that are on the sheet. Turbine warning bands are provided for the unpainted metal aircraft. I don't know what the black bands are for. The decal placement guide is well done, but I have to say that I found the profiles to be pixellated and difficult to make out clearly. However, they will suffice to put on the decals as there is a clear guide that shows what goes where. There are a couple of placement notes to 'see appendix', but I must have missed something as the only additional sheet is a 'Preliminary Warning' that basically states that they don't know all and that the info they provide may be liable to be amended at any time.

Overall, it is a fine sheet, printed by Aviagraphics and without any registration problems. It is sure to offer some alternates to what is provided in the kit and is most welcome.

February 2007

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