Spada Decals LL-ALB3/04: Albatros D.III Gallery vol 2

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Spada Decals LL-ALB3/04: Albatros D.III Gallery vol 2




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Scott Van Aken


1/32 scale

Next in Spada's Laser Line of decals is this second sheet on the Albatros D.III. Again, this is 1/32, but you can get them in other scales.

You'll notice there are two sheets with what seem to be redundant markings. One sheet is printed on white decal paper. That one has blue outlines to the insignia and other markings to show where to cut them

Four aircraft are featured, all with bare wood fuselages.

First is an aircraft from MFJ III in 1917, This one has a yellow fin/rudder and wheel covers. There is a mottling on the fuselage side in either green, brown or perhaps both. Underside of all planes is light blue. As it is unknown if the fuselage marking was mirrored or not, both options are provided.

Second is an unknown pilot's plane from Jasta 24. The plywood covering on this one is a very pale color. Red wheel covers and an unpainted metal upper cowling and spinner, something all aircraft have in common.

Another mottled plane, this time from an unknown unit. Like the previous plane, there mottling colors ar unknown but probably brown or green or both. Red wheel covers.

Finally Oblt Paul von Osterroht of Jasta 12's aircraft. This one is very standard aside from the personal marking on the fuselage side.

The back of the instruction sheet provides upper wing and tailplane camo scheme options for both the two and three color camo schemes. There are also special application notes where needed. As I mentioned in the first sheet review, it would be wise to recoat these markings prior to use, just to add that little bit of extra protection.

May 2008

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