Spada Decals LL-ALB3/03: Albatros D.III Gallery vol 1

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Spada Decals LL-ALB3/03: Albatros D.III Gallery vol 1




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Scott Van Aken


1/32 scale

This is the first new Spada sheet that I've seen in a while and the first I've seen in their 'Lasar Line'. It covers the Albatros D.III and I believe that there is a kit for this by Roden in 1/32 scale.

I have been informed by Spada that these are printed with a laser printer.  I would suggest clear coating these once you get them to make them prevent any  possible damage. You'll have to cut out each individual decal and end up clear coating them anyway so the additional protection is a good idea. Microscale's Decal Film might be a good place to start, or you can use just about any acrylic clear (enamels and lacquers may damage the inks). From what I gather on the web site, this line is printed on demand so no need to stock pile sheets and any of the major scales can be easily done. This set does not include the wood grain, but that is available from Spada and other sources.

Four aircraft are featured, most with bare wood fuselages.

First is a Jasta 30 plane flown by Vzfw Hans Oberlander in 1917. Three color camo with pale blue undersides.

In a similar looking plane but with a large Bavarian check fin/rudder is Ltn. Oskar Sietz' Jasta 30 plane. The decals provide both outlined and un-outlined tail markings.

In a varnished ply D.II, Off Stv Friedrich Altemeier's Jasta 24 aircraft. Usual three color camo with pale blue undersides. You'll note that the first three have unpainted metal upper cowlings and spinners.

Finally, a painted D.II of Lt. Rudolf Hohberd of Fl.Abt.263 in 1917. This one has the three color camo carried onto the fuselage as well as the underside light blue. A good choice for those who don't want to tackle the wooden fuselage look.

The sheet provides one full set of insignia along with all the special markings for each option. The back of the instructions provides full color upper wing/tailplane options as well as the colors needed for each option. Spada has told me that the blue surround on the various markings are to allow for proper cutting. Simply cut off the blue sections prior to application.

May 2008

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