Spada Decals CLL SoCam/08: Camels in Foreign Hands

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Spada Decals CLL SoCam/08: Camels in Foreign Hands




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Scott Van Aken


1/32 scale

This time, we have Sopwith Camel's as flown by some of the more interesting users. All of the Spada's Laser Line sheets are available in all the major scales as they are printed on demand. The 1/32 sheet has been provided for review. Unless otherwise mentioned, these are in the basic camouflage of PC10 or PC 12 over clear doped linen. The cockpit section is varnished wood.

First option is a captured Camel as flown by Otto Kissenberth with Jasta 26b. In May of 1918 he shot down an SE.5 flying this blue nosed Camel.

Next is an aircraft of the 'Red' Russians that was captured from the British. No information aside from what was seen on one photograph is provided.

The Next two are the same plane with the Latvian Air Force in 1919. First one has dark brown upper surfaces while the other is of the plane later in life in what looks like aluminum dope.

Spada includes photos of two planes as well as upper and lower wing insignia placement on the back of the instructions. There are also several notes regarding these planes and references for you to look things up yourself if you wish.

Spada also has wood decal sheets if you are so inclined.  As I mentioned in the first sheet review, it would be wise to recoat these markings prior to use, just to add that little bit of extra protection. Like other Laser Line sheets, these are printed on one carrier, so the outlines around various insignia are guides for when you cut them off the sheet. For kits, I do believe most will pick the Hobbycraft version, which has probably been reissued by Academy.

June 2008

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