Spada Decals CLL SoCam/07: Camels of 3 Sq NAS, and 112 Sq RAF

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Spada Decals CLL SoCam/07: Camels of 3 Sq NAS and 112 Sq RAF




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Scott Van Aken


1/32 scale

This next sheet now goes on to the Sopwith Camel. All of the Spada's Laser Line sheets are available in all the major scales as they are printed on demand. There are three of the more colorful Camels to have flown and while all are a basic camouflage of PC10 or PC 12 over clear doped linen. The cockpit section is varnished wood.

First up is Lloyd Breadner's plane with #3 Naval Squadron in early 1918. Red cowling and wheel inserts. This one has large playing card markings on the upper lower wing with large white circles on the upper wing. A ray pattern on the fin and elevators.

Next with an all-black nose with large red markings and upper wing insignia with no white area is a 112 Sq Camel (pilot unknown) from August 1918. If he'd only known what that fin marking would come to represent 20 years later.......

Finally, with either red or black cowling (red shown) and heart motifs on the fuselage and upper wing is FSL W.P. Ellwood's plane of #3 Nava Squadron, in August 1917.

Spada also has wood decal sheets if you are so inclined.  As I mentioned in the first sheet review, it would be wise to recoat these markings prior to use, just to add that little bit of extra protection. For kits, I do believe most will pick the Hobbycraft version, which has probably been reissued by Academy.

May 2008

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