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SP Decals 1/48 Stanislaw Skalski  Special




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Scott Van Aken


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Over the years, there have been a few decal sheets that have covered the planes of famous aces. This is the first one that I know of that covers an ace of other than the major players in World War II. He was credited with shooting down a German plane on the first day of the war in his PZL.11 and went on to score 6 1/2 other victories during the Polish campaign.

Like many Polish pilots, he was able to escape to the Allies, in his case heading south and eventually to England where he was posted with 302 SQ in August of 1940. He eventually flew with a number of  heavily Polish RAF squadrons and eventually commanded 131 and 133 Wings. He ended the war with over 23 confirmed kills. 

Upon return to Poland in 1947, he was arrested on false charges and sentenced to death. Released in 1956 as completely rehabilitated, he entered the Polish AF and by 1988 rose to the rank of General. Of 9 persons to receive the British DFC three times or more during WWII, he was the only non-British to be so honored.

The sheet covers eight aircraft that were flown by Skalski

Overall, it is a great sheet, the decals are in perfect register and very well printed. There is minimal film around each decal. They also appear to be quite thin and opaque as no backing color shows through the white areas.

The instruction booklet has a very good color reference in Humbrol, Model Master, Xtracolor, Agma and Pactra paints. Each aircraft has a full right and left diagram as well as a full upper and partial lower diagram to assist with placement of decals.

It looks like a superb sheet and one that I will definitely be trying out on an upcoming build. 

You can get this sheet from AirConnection. See the link below.

Review sheet courtesy of Air Connection

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