Starship Modeler Cheesecake #2

For: 1/48 models but will fit others




Scott Van Aken

Once again, Starship modeler has come to the rescue of all of us who are looking for good cheesecake artwork for our models, but just can't seem to find just what we need. This sheet is like the others in that it is printed on an ALPS printer for the highest is image quality and resolution.

Though designed for 1/48, there is no reason why these couldn't be used on other scales with equal ease. I'm not really sure just how many images there are on the sheet, but it is well over 50. Included as well are some names so that the modeler can mix and match. As with the other sheets, this is available exclusively from Starship Modeler and you can reach them at the link below.

Review sheet courtesy Starship Modeler .

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