Sky Decals 72-044: Harriers

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Scott Van Aken

If you like Harriers, and that includes AV-8s, then this is the sheet for you. There are a total of 45 different schemes for all RAF/RN Harriers from the GR.1 to the GR.7 and FA.2. This listing includes the trainer versions. There are also a few schemes for USMC AV-8Bs and for Spanish 'Matadors'. No markings are provided for Indian Navy versions or for the Thai Naval versions, though these could have been included simply by eliminating one of the Spanish versions. Instead, there is little in the way of  RAF or RN unit or scheme combination that is not covered. About all that is not given are very early full color roundel GR.1s and FRS.1s.  Some of these planes are little more than a serial and perhaps a unit badge or tail number, but markings are given.

Again, there is little in the way of upper view camo patters. Only a couple of very generic patterns for a GR.3 and AV-8B are provided. None of the winter camo painted planes has a pattern given. You'll have to rely on the sources for that information. I know it is perhaps just me, but I can't see how including another sheet of paper with this information could add too much to the cost. I'd gladly pay the extra bit for the additional information. It would be much less expensive that buying even one of the references given.

The sheet is, as you can see, just full of material. Again, it is printed by Cartograf, in register and crisply printed.

The instruction booklet gives basically profiles with one overhead shot for insignia placement. A color guide on the back gives FS 595, Humbrol, Molak, Tamiya, Gunze, and Testors paint references. There is also a list of sources from whence the markings were gleaned. A couple of the pages are duplicated at the beginning of the review.

All in all, Sky sheets are probably the best 'bang for the buck' when it comes to aftermarket decals. If you can't find them locally, then they can be obtained from the link below.

Review copy courtesy of Pacific Coast Models. Thanks for your support.

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