Speed Hunter Graphics 48013: Heritage Vipers

PRICE: $21.95
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Eleven options

 This particular sheet covers eleven different ANG/AFRES F-16s. Most of these are F-16Cs with one lone A model in the mix. The decals are designed for the Tamiya 1/48 F-16 which is fine for most of the subjects as the two Tamiya variants are a Block 25/30 and a Block 50. However, their F-16A kit is a prototype and so not one that can be used. Note that the F-16A is shown in the art work with the smaller horizontal stabilizer. As for the Block 42 plane, I'm not sure if that can be built from the Block 50 kit or not.

Now, it seems to me that most of these markings, if not all, can be used on other F-16 kits, so you have the opportunity to use your Hasegawa, Kinetic or other kits for not only the early Viper, but perhaps for the others as well. The changes in block numbers can be confusing so I suggest a bit of research if you are unsure.

Here are the sheet options:

1) F-16A Block 10 80-0500, 906th Tactical Fighter Group, Boneyard Bound artwork, final F-16 to leave the base, July 1994
2) F-16D Block 25 83-1184, 184th Tactical Fighter Group, Kansas ANG, "Best Maintenance Squadron in the Air National Guard," March 1992
3) F-16C Block 25 84-1295, 184th Tactical Fighter Group, Kansas ANG, 184 TFG 50th Anniversary, August 1991
4) F-16C Block 30 86-0345, 140th Wing, Colorado ANG, Colorado National Guard's 150th Anniversary, August 2010
5) F-16C Block 30 85-1504, 122nd Fighter Wing, Indiana ANG, Viper Farewell, September 2010
6) F-16C Block 52 92-3911, 169th Fighter Wing, South Carolina ANG, 50th Anniversary of the Wild Weasel mission, August 2015
7) F-16C Block 30 86-0231, 301st Fighter Wing, 40th Anniversary of the 301st Fighter Wing, July 2012
8) F-16C Block 30 86-0364, 178th Fighter Wing, Ohio Air National Guard, End of F-16 operations, July 2010
9) F-16C Block 30 87-0332, 187th Fighter Wing, Alabama Air National Guard, Tuskegee Airmen Heritage, January 2016
10) F-16C Block 30 87-0336, 187th Fighter Wing, Alabama Air National Guard, Tuskegee Airmen Heritage, January 2016
11) F-16C Block 42 88-0417, 162nd Fighter Wing, Arizona ANG, 75th Anniversary of the Arizona ANG, January 2015

The decals are superbly printed by Cartograf and the full color placement guide offers snippets of information on each of the subjects on the sheet. Though not shown, there is an additional smaller sheet with stencils, insignia and other common markings. There are enough of these for two complete aircraft and those who want to use more of the markings from this sheet can always use kit decals.

All of these options are aircraft with special markings to denote some sort of special event. In all cases, the large color areas will need to be painted by the modeler, but none are very onerous. Those with sharp eyes will notice that a few are in the older three-grey scheme, though most are in the simplified two-grey option.

In all, a great sheet with enough on there to please any F-16 fan and perhaps some that will draw in those who normally don't build 'grey jets'.

March 2016

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