Speed Hunter Graphics 32008: A-10 Thunderbolt II

PRICE: $19.95 SRP
UNITS: Quite a few of them
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Fourteen options


This particular sheet covers a goodly number of alternate schemes for the big Trumpeter A-10. Most of these are the later version with the LASTE upgrades, though there are a few earlier variants as well. As you can see, the vast majority of the options are in the latest greys scheme, which, while easier to paint, isn't quite a cool looking as the Euro I scheme.  not.

Here are the sheet options:

1) A-10A 76-0547 602nd Air Control Wing, Desert Storm 1991
2) A-10A 78-0594, 353rd TFS, 354th TFW, Desert Storm 1991
3) A-10A 79-0158, 355th TFS, 354th TFW, Desert Storm 1991
4) A-10A 81-0964, 507th ACW, Desert Storm helo killer 1991
5) A-10A 80-0163, 76th TFS, 23rd TFW, Desert Storm 1991
6) A-10A 82-0646, 103rd FW, Connecticut ANG, Iraqi Freedom 2003
7) A-10A 78-0626, 194th FW, Massachusetts ANG, Iraqi Freedom 2003
8) A-10C 78-0633, 124th FW, Idaho ANG, Inherent Resolve, 2016
9) A-10C 79-0084, 124th FW, Idaho ANG, Inherent Resolve, 2016
10) A-10C 81-0953, 74th FS, 23rd Wg, Enduring Freedom, 2013
11) A-10C 81-0975, 127th Wg, Michigan ANG, Inherent Resolve 2015
12) A-10C 78-0658, 122nd FW, Indiana ANG, Inherent Resolve 2015
13) A-10C 81-0988, 354th FS, 355FW, Inherent Resolve 2017
14) A-10C 81-0983, 254th FS, 355FW, Inherent Resolve 2017

The decals are superbly printed by Cartograf and the full color placement guide offers snippets of information on each of the subjects on the sheet.

May 2019

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