Spares Box Decals 006/007 Letters and Numbers

Units: quite a few, I imagine


3.50 each from Spares Box Decals


Scott Van Aken

This may seem like a bit of a repeat and in some ways it is, but this time the sheets are in white instead of the earlier ones in black. These are printed in the Helvetica style that is quite common for RAF/RN aircraft as well as being seen on some KC-135s, S-3s, NASA, Coast Guard and other aircraft. This makes the sheet handy for those who want to model a specific serial numbered aircraft. It also is handy as combined with the black lettering, one can do shaded presentations.

Sheet 006 (on the left) is 4" and 8" 1/72 size while 007 is 6" 1/72 (4" 1/48) and 6" 1/48 (4" 1/32). I've shown an enlarged closeup of sections of both sheets. Both of these sheets are printed in white ink. The decals are covered by a solid carrier film so each letter or number will need to be cut out.  I have also darkened the images so that the white is more visible. These are a great replacement for the quite old Modeldecal sheet that many of us have used in the past. The sheets can be purchased direct from the link below.

My thanks to Spares Box Decals for the review sheets.

November 2008

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