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Repliscale 72-1057 for 357 FG P-51D Mustangs





Review By:

Scott Van Aken




The 357 FG is probably the most recognized us fighter group from WWII. This is especially true amongst modelers. I have yet to attend any large show or contest that has Mustangs in it where there isn't at least one of these yellow and red checkered nosed aircraft in attendance.

The now sadly defunct Repliscale had produced this really nice sheet for those of you whose passion is 1/72. Like the early Mustang sheet reviewed, this one has no nose art aircraft, though all are named.

All but one are in natural metal and they also have the squadron color on the tail (or no color in the case of the 362nd FS).

First subject is 'the Shellelagh' from the 364th FS. This yellow tailed Mustang was the mount of John Storch and has his kill markings on the fuselage under the canopy.

'Ain't Misbehavin' is from the 362nd FS. This has Jesse Frey's two kills on the side.

Also from the 362nd is the lone camouflaged Mustang of the sheet, 'Butch Baby'. 

From the 363rd FS is 'Junior Miss II'. The Mustang has the red rudder of this squadron.

'Bobby Jeanne/Ah-Fung-goo' of the 364th FS has the 11 kill markings of pilot Irwin Dregne on it. 

Finally, 'Toolin Fool's Revenge' is the mount of 362nd pilot Otto Jenkins and sports his 10 kill markings. It also has D-day stripes on the underside.

6 very nice schemes for your next Mustang.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet. 

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