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Repliscale 721049 for 361 FG P-51D Mustang





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Scott Van Aken



One of the more colorful US fighter groups in the last year of the war was the 361st. Their Mustangs were resplendent in yellow noses and various colors of rudder. Repliscale stepped into the decal scene about ten years ago or so with a number of very interesting sheets. They also had a fatal marketing flaw in that not all their decal sheets were full sized so they didn't sell. Result was that they went out of business.

This 1991 sheet is an example of one of their better (and fuller) decal sheets. It offers markings for six aircraft and you ca build all six of them from this one sheet. One of the reasons is that there is no nose artwork on any of these planes, though they are all named. It includes both early (no fin fillet) and later P-51Ds from all three squadrons in the 361st FG. 

The first two aircraft are from the 374th FS. 'Tika IV' and 'Ferocious Frankie' both have the required 361 FG yellow nose and spinner with medium blue trim on the fin and wings. They also have invasion stripes on the bottom of the fuselages.

Next to them are two 375 FS P-51Ds. Both of these are later versions with a LOT more yellow on the nose. 'Crogan Cruiser' and 'Marie', have blue wing tips, canopy frames, and rudders as well as a few kill markings on the canopy frame.

Finally, on the bottom of the instruction sheet are two 376 FS late P-51Ds. 'Daisey Mae' and 'Mary Mine'  have the required yellow nose  and also yellow rudders that were identifying colors of this squadron. 

While not the most incredibly interesting sheet on the market, it is one that fills a number of voids if you are doing a 1/72 8th AF Mustang collection.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet. 

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