Repliscale 72-1037: F-15C Eagle

Units: 1 TFW




Scott Van Aken

This 1992 sheet from the long defunct company, Repliscale, contains markings to do at least six or seven aircraft from the 1st TFW,  27th TFS, and 94th TFS. There is no recommended kit as really, these markings will fit any 1/72 F-15C Eagle.

What you get are the tail codes, unit badges and serial numbers to do the 1 TFW boss bird, 27 TFS boss bird (and three other aircraft) as well as 'Maloney's Pony' when it was assigned to the 27th and later 94th TFS. Oddly, the aircraft serials for 'Maloney's Pony' are different for the two squadrons.

The sheet provides insignia and basic common data to enable you to do three of the options as long as you choose the 94th TFS and 1 TFW options as two of them. Frankly, there is a lot of space for more badges on the sheet, but that advantage was not used. The yellow 27 TFS tail stripe and the blue 94th TFS tail stripe will have to be painted on.

I believe Repliscale sheets were printed by Microscale. The small stencils are not really legible and there is some minor registration issues with the multi-color decals. Still, the Eagle gets very little attention from modelers as few are seen at shows and even fewer in 1/72 scale. If you like the big bird, then it may well be worth seeking out this sheet.

Thanks to me for showing you what was.

August 2007

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