Repliscale 48-5061: F-15 Eagle

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Scott Van Aken

Here is another sheet from the long-defunct Repliscale. It covers a number of Eagles; most in the latest Mod Eagle camo scheme of FS 36176 over 36251. The earlier scheme was  FS 36320 over 36375 and was generally a lighter scheme. For kits, you have those from Hasegawa, Academy, Fujimi and Monogram to choose from. Take your pick!

First up is the boss bird from the 110 FS, Missouri ANG. The sheet is missing the lettering that goes in the tail stripe and while there's a small slip of paper telling where a new one can be gotten, with the company out of business it won't be available. I'd suggest using the Monogram kit which has these markings. This aircraft is in the earlier scheme.

Next is the 390 FS boss bird from Moutain Home AFB

A Mig Killer is this 22 FS/36 FW plane from Bitburg. This base and unit are no longer around. Two schemes are provided.

Also from a defunct squadron is this 32 FS aircraft from the Netherlands.

Finally a boss bird from the 44 FS/18 FW in Okinawa.

The instructions are well done, but it is quite difficult to read the smaller print and that includes the serial numbers. Since the sheet offers the serials as separate numbers and letters, it makes particularly difficult to apply the correct markings. Personally, I hate having to do serials like this and wish that they'd have been provided complete with another batch offered as alternates.

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