Repliscale 32-01 F-15E Strike Eagle

Units: 405TTW




Scott Van Aken

This rather unusual sheet is for the F-15E Strike Eagle. I say unusual because to my knowledge, there is only one kit and that is the Revell version. I'd also be willing to bet that it is more of a parts addition to their 'normal' F-15 kit than a new build, but since I've not seen it I'll have to leave that to pure conjecture on my part. Late Note: I've been informed by readers that Tamiya makes a very nice one so you do have a quality choice. This sheet is also a bit unusual in that the instructions are for F-15Es, but show 4th TFW birds and not the 405TTW ones that are on the decal sheet. A bit of a glitch at the decal works, I'd think. Fortunately, figuring out where the markings go isn't too much of a problem as Strike Eagles are all pretty much alike.

The first set of markings is one of the many Wing Commander's birds for the 405th. There have been a number of variations on the theme for this plane and this sheet caries one of the earlier ones.

The other aircraft is the Squadron Commander for the 461st TFS. Both aircraft have the unit colors on the inside and outside of the upper fin. Only one plane can be built using this sheet as there is only one set of insignia, tail codes, and badges. To do the 461 bird you'll have to cut that unit's badge out of the one for the wing co's plane. Oddly missing is the 405 TTW badge for the right side of the intake.

You also have serials for two other planes, but without the proper decal placement guide figuring out which planes they are for will be difficult. There are also different pilot and crew chief markings which will also be difficult to use without the instructions. I managed to get a second set of these decals and the instruction glitch was the same in both of them. A real problem when dealing with a company that's been out of business for years!

Below are images of the four serial numbers on the sheet. All the photos were taken in 1988-90. You'll note that in the Wing and Squadron CO's plane, the serial is just above the rudder. On the other two, the serials given are way too small. They could have been boss birds at some other time, but I have no photo reference of that. The upper set of eagles with crew names is for the 405TTW boss bird. I have no reference for the other names. You'll note that none of these planes have any unit badges showing other than 176 which has the 461 badge. I'm sure the boss bird had the five badges on the port side fuel tank near the intake.

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