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Repliscale 1001: VA-55 A-6Es





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Scott Van Aken


'Libyan Raiders'


Those of you who remember back that far, the mid 1980's was a time of some turmoil in the Mediterranean area for the US. The bad guy of the time was Libya's Khadafi who was doing the major sabre rattling at the time. Now the US wasn't into this preemptive invasion mode, so settled on responding to actual perceived threats (of which Libya really wasn't one, but there was no one else at the time). Anyway, the Libya was actually silly enough to claim a large portion of the southern Mediterranean Sea as being considered their territory. Not recognizing this claim, the USN was sent in to cross this 'line of death' that was established off the northern reaches of Libya.

Twice during the 80's, tensions rose rather high and US F-14s bagged a pair of Libyan jets, Su-22s on one occasion and and Mig-23s on the other, if I'm not wrong. This also lead to some rather one-sided retaliation and destruction of airfields, SAM sites and C3 sites by Naval and USAF aircraft. During one of these moments, VA-55 was heavily involved in SAM suppression and gunboat bombing with its A-6E Intruders. Three of those planes are covered on this tiny 2.8" by 3.2" decal sheet (which is shown at slightly larger than actual size). Only one plane can be done with the sheet as it only provides common markings and insignia for that single aircraft. I don't recall what the price of the sheet was, but if it was over $2.00 it was a rip-off

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet! 

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