Red Pegasus Decals PC-6/A; Lacy Aviation
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Scott Van Aken

Roden has done a very nice Pilatus PC-6 in a number of variants. This is/was a popular aircraft with those operators who needed to get into and out of short runways. Often these were unimproved in that they were dirt, grass or gravel.

One of the users of the aircraft was Lacy Aviation, owned by Clay Lacey who is probably best known for his air racing Bearcat. This particular PC-6 is in an overall high visibility orange. Red Pegasus Decals provides all of the stripes in their very nicely printed sheet. This is an ALPS sheet and is quite similar to standard decals in that it is quite thin and easily conforms to variations in the airframe. It also works well with various setting solutions. Typical of the genre, the sheet has a solid carrier so one needs to trim each marking before use.

The end result will be a very colorful model that will stand out in any collection. You can get yours from .

August 2013

Thanks to Red Pegasus Decals for the review sheet.

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