Red Pegasus Louise Thadden's Staggerwing (1936)
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Scott Van Aken

Here is another nice Staggerwing sheet from Red Pegasus. This one is for the 1936 Bendix Trophy winning aircraft of Louise Thadden and Blanche Noys. The Staggerwing, while very much a plush and expensive aircraft, was also quite speedy, thanks to its good streamlining and retractable landing gear. It was flown by several crews in the Bendix Trophy races of the late 1930s with considerable success. Since the Bendix race was a long distance, competitors would remove the rear seat and install a fuel tank. This reduced the number of stops that would have to be made. Famed aviator Jackie Cochran set both speed and altitude records for women in a Staggerwing.

This set is entirely printed in white on an ALPS printer. As I mentioned earlier, ALPS decals need careful handling and also a clear coat doesn't hurt before removing markings from the sheet. The sheet comes with full placement instructions and while there is no color information provided, the blue should be pretty easy to match as it looks to be close to French Blue.

This set includes the large wing and smaller fin registration numbers, the Beechcraft logo, side stripes and racing numbers. The instructions include advice on the care and use of ALPS decals, something I found to be quite informative.

These will look a ton better than the kit supplied markings and you can get yours from .

Thanks to Red Pegasus Decals for the review sheet.

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