Red Pegasus D-17 Staggerwing (1930s)
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Scott Van Aken

Several months back, I made the comment that there were not any aftermarket decals for the Roden 1/48 Staggerwing. Well, thanks to Red Pegasus, we have some nice options for civil Staggerwings. As you may know, Roden decals are less than cooperative in terms of working with setting solutions or conforming to curves and undulations. These ALPS printed decals do not have those issues and are actually quite thin. The decals will require the user to provide some sort of clear coat protection as handling them can cause damage. The sheet info sheet provides a number of alternative clear coats for these markings, some of which can be brushed on for those who do not have an air brush.

This sheet contains all of the standard markings of a mid-1930s Staggerwing. In this case, the airframe itself is yellow with the wing registration numbers, fin registration, Beechcraft logos and the distinctive cowl and fuselage stripes. There is a placement guide, history of the type and an info sheet included.

I should mention that aside from the floatplane boxing, any of the Staggerwing kits by Roden can be built as a civil version by simply leaving off the military equipment such as the radios and DF antenna.

These will look a ton better than the kit supplied markings and you can get yours from .

Thanks to Red Pegasus Decals for the review sheet.

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