Red Pegasus Decals P-51 Conversion Set A
Units: none


$17.00 plus shipping ($25 with decals)


Scott Van Aken

You saw the great sheet for Foxy Lady yesterday and have probably been wondering about what is available to help you convert a kit to enable you to use these markings. Well, Red Pegasus offers a conversion set in both 1/72 and 1/48 scale. This is the 1/48 scale version. It consists of a new spinner, new wing tips and a very nicely done vacuform canopy and fuselage fairing. The resin is flawless and the vacuformed part is crystal clear.

This set is also applicable to their sheet for 'Roto Finish', 'Red Baron' and 'Miss RJ'. Along with the resin and vac parts are complete instructions for modifying the Hasegawa P-51D/K kit. It includes templates for the upper cowling and for the rear wing tip plates.

This is a very helpful set and is only one of several offered by Red Pegasus on their web site. You can get yours from .

November 2012

Thanks to Red Pegasus Decals for the review sheet.

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