Red Pegasus Decals 'Miss Foxy Lady' P-51 (1973-75)
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Scott Van Aken

This superb sheet from Red Pegasus Decals is for a very sleek racing P-51 from the early 1970s. This aircraft is Miss Foxy Lady. It was purchased by Kenny Bernstine for the 1973 Reno campaign and had previously served with the RCAF. Modifications were made at Chino by Leroy Penhall. It was reregistered N70QF and participated in three years' worth of racing.

In 1973 it was stock and named Miss Suzi Q, finishing third in the Silver race.

For 1974 it had been modified with aerodynamic enhancements and an improved power plant. Unfortunately, it did not compete as a backfire blew away the lower cowling and induction system.

In 1975, it had more aerodynamic additions, including long wing fillets. It was repainted in white and though named the same, the artwork was different. It finished 7th in the Championship race.

Following this it was bought by John Crocker who reregistered it as N51VC and it was assigned race #6. This aircraft won the 1979 championship race. It was later sold and converted to a TP-51D and currently flies as 'Kentucky Babe'.

Like other sets, this one is  printed on an ALPS printer. As I mentioned earlier, ALPS decals need careful handling and also a clear coat doesn't hurt before removing markings from the sheet. The sheet comes with full placement instructions and color information. The image of the sheet has been darkened to make the white easier to see. The numbers and wing tip markings are metallic gold so one needs to be very careful with setting solutions.

The set is superbly printed and includes the art work, race number, name, wing and stab markings and other items. A resin conversion set for this and similar Mustangs is available from Red Pegasus at the link below. The instructions include advice on the care and use of ALPS decals, something I found to be quite informative.

This is a very distinctive set of markings and is a great way to do something a bit different. You can get yours from .

Thanks to Red Pegasus Decals for the review sheet.

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