Rising Decals RD72089: Ki-49 Donryu

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Scott Van Aken

The Ki-49 was a twin engine bomber that was considered a 'heavy' bomber by Japanese specs. It was designed to replace the Ki-21, but not only did it have development issues (not unusual for a new design), but when it got into service is was not much of an improvement over the earlier aircraft. Much of the issue was that the engines were not producing the sort of power that was really needed. Still, it soldiered on until the end of the war.

The best and really only good kit of this aircraft in 1/72 scale is by Hasegawa and it is that kit for which these decals were designed. Rising Decals has done Japanese aircraft modelers a favor by producing this nice sheet for the Ki-49. There are a total of nine options in this set and the maority of the aircraft are dark green over either light green-grey or unpainted metal. However, the Japanese produced some very interesting camouflage schemes and you see some of those on this sheet.

So here is what is included:

1. A donation aircraft of an unknown unit with the upper surfaces in an interesting hatched camouflage.

2. The second option has a nice upper surface camouflage in green, brown and tan. It is from the 74th Hiko Sentai based in Hokkaido in early 1944.

3. A Dokuritsu Hiko aircraft based in New Guinea during 1943-44. Worn upper surface green.

4. With the Kokusogon Shireibu Hikohan based in Java during August 1945 is this Green and brown painted aircraft.

5. Another mottled aircraft is with the 95th Hiko Sentai in the Philippines during February 1945.

6. From an unknown unit is this plane based in Malaya during August 1945. It may have been with a transport unit.

7. Another 74th Hiko Sentai plane is this radar equipped aircraft based in the Philippines during October 1944.

8. With the 51st Kyoiku Hikoshiden based in the Philippines is this aircraft that has a replacement rudder.

9. Finally, another worn paint plane is this one with the Hammamatsu  Hiko Gakku in August 1945. All the nose glass has been removed and replaced with solid panels of unknown material.

There are enough common markings for a single aircraft, but you can use kit decals if you want to use other options. Rising Decals tend to sell out fairly quickly of if you look for a set and find it, then it would be wise to pick it up at the earliest opportunity.

May 2021

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