Rising Decal 72070: Japanese Army Aircraft Training Units II

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Scott Van Aken

Thanks to a recent purchase, I was drawn to this particular sheet. Rising Decals are such that not only do they cover some fascinating subject, but they tend to sell out rather quickly. This particular sheet is the second that covers IJAAF training units. I tried to get the first, but it was already gone.

Other than primary and advanced training, these units use obsolescent types whenever possible, though some actually use current aircraft in order to familiarize a student with the aircraft they will be flying when they are assigned to a combat squadron.

This sheet has markings for nine aircraft.

It starts with three Ki-27b aircraft in overall green-grey. These and all the other options have the yellow wing leading edge ID markings. The first two of these are with  with the 111th Sentai based in Korea in early 1943. The other was with the Hammamatsu air base, date unknown.

Next a pair of Ki-55s. Both have yellow undersides with green upper surfaces of some sort. First is with the 34th Hikotai on Java in 1945. The second has a streaky uppersurface green with much of the previous yellow showing through. It was with the 3rd Hikotai in Malaya in 1945.

Moving we have two Ki.79as from an unknown unit on Java in 1945. These differ only in the large side number.

Not shown is a Ki-43-I with the Akeno flying school in 1942. This plane has a green/brown upper surface and white rectangle around the fuselage hinomaru.

The final plane is a Ki-44hei with the Rikugan Hiko Gakku based on Kyushu in late 1944. It is in a very streaky upper surface green with lots of underlying bare metal showing through.

Instructions are very well done providing references for each of the options. It also states that some of these schemes may not be all that exact in terms of shade. While it doesn't mention kits, there are kits out there for all these options. Not sure where to get the unspatted Ki-27/79 gear, but I'm sure someone does them. I have used Rising decals before and find them very thin, though a tad translucent.

January 2018

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