PYN-up Decals 48-042: Big Beautiful Jugs pt 4

Units: 56 and 348 FG




Scott Van Aken


How about a nice razorback P-47 sheet. This one carries two such aircraft, both in OD over Neutral Grey. No specific kit is mentioned but you could use any that strikes your fancy as the markings are no kit specific. You may have to trim or adjust the fuselage ones around the side vents as not all kits are the same in this area.

First up is the P-47D-2, "Pride of Lodi" as flown by Robert Rowland with the 341 FS/ 348 FG in 1943 from Port Moresby, New Guinea. This one has the white tail and wing leading edges used as theater recognition. It does not have the white ailerons often carried. A mask is provided for this scheme so you can have the OD backed tail serial.

The other is Dave Schilling's  aircraft from the 62 FS/56 FG during late 1943 with the 'Hairless Joe' artwork. This aircraft has the white nose and tail bands common on European P-47s at the time. This aircraft and the one previous will need to have the lower cowl flaps modified, a simple task using plastic card. This aircraft did not carry racks under the wing so those will have to be removed or not applied depending on the kit you are using.

As with all Pyn-Up sheets, there is an extensive background history section on each set of markings. It is research like this that makes Pyn-Up such great decals. These guys put in the extra effort to be sure that what we get is as accurate as can be. The nose art markings are superbly rendered and it is suggested that you might want to put on some Microscale decal film if you are not comfortable working with these very thin decals.

These sheets are extremely limited to 300 copies so if you want it, you need to get it soon.

November 2006

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