PYN-up Decals 48-040: Fork-tailed Beauties part 5

Units: 8 and 55 FG




Scott Van Aken

This next P-38 sheet covers two more great schemes. Both an early and later P-38 are catered to and while no specific kit is mentioned, this sheet should work well on any that are available, including those from Monogram, Hasegawa and Academy.

First up is 'Ready Maid', a P-38L-5 of Captain Phil McLain when based on Ie Shima with the 36 FS/8 FG in 1945. There are three options for this scheme depending on the time frame. A set of masks is included to get the final scheme down right, though those masks were missing from the review set (seems like Stephanie dropped the ball on this one).

The other is 'Mountain Ayres', a P-38H-5 of the 38 FS/55 FG. It was flown by Captain Jerry Ayres from the UK in late 1943 and is camouflaged.

This sheet uses the superbly done fine detail nose artwork and a white background is given for each option you can see it clearly. The instructions are superb and a detailed background on each aircraft is provided with the sheet. You will also note that where applicable, you are given layers for some of the markings so that registration won't be an issue.

These sheets are extremely limited to 300 copies so if you want it, you need to get it soon.

November 2006

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