PYN-up Decals 48-039: Fork-tailed Beauties part 4

Units: 55 FG and 7 PRG




Scott Van Aken

Now for a nice sheet on the P-38. This one has markings for a pair of Lightnings and for kits, well, since there are not any really fancy markings for either aircraft, you can use pretty well any kit you wish. There are ones from Monogram, Academy and Hasegawa that should be available or even in your stash.

First up is a P-38H-5 from the 55 FG/38 FS. Skylark IV was flown by Maj. Mark Shipman from the UK in late 1943. This one wore three of the four US insignia options during its life span, and the last two are provided on the sheet for you.

The other is an F-5C of the 22 PRS/7 PRG in England during mid 1944. It is painted in the synthetic haze scheme. 'Dot*Dash' was flown by several pilots and it is shown right after the installation of the leading edge wing tanks, hence no paint on them. Before and later, it was repainted in synthetic haze.

This sheet uses the superbly done fine detail nose artwork and a white background is given for each option you can see it clearly. The instructions are superb and a detailed background on each aircraft is provided with the sheet.

These sheets are extremely limited to 300 copies so if you want it, you need to get it soon.

November 2006

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