PYN-up Decals 48032 Mitchell Honey's pt 2

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Scott Van Aken

This sheet has a pair of B-25Ds. The recommended kit is the very fine Accurate Miniatures version that is still widely available. If you haven't built one of these, you are missing out on a fine model. Both examples are in Olive Drab over Neutral grey and have yellow engine cowling rings.

First up is 'Mitch the Witch' from the 17 RS/38 BG. The lower portion of the fin is in white. The decal portrays the original version of the nose art prior to the application of clothing.

The other is 'Mexican Spitfire' from the 500 BS/345 BG. A white band goes around the fuselage and needs to be painted by the builder.

Either one of these options would look great on your next Mitchell build.

September 2005

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