PYN-up Decals 48031: Babe Invaders pt 2

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Scott Van Aken

The second new sheet for Korean War B-26 invaders includes a nice pair of B-26Bs. The sole available kit for this aircraft in 1/48 is by Monogram. The ProModeler kit is required to do the gun nose version from the look of it.

From the 13th BS comes 'The 6th Chadwick'. This aircraft is in black with lots of nice red trim on the tips of the flight surfaces, nacelles and a huge swath on the nose. Of course, there is a large and fetching nose art to go along with it!

The other is 'Lady Nan' of the 95 BS/17 BW. This aircraft has a glass nose and is in overall painted aluminum. There are blue bits for the tips of the flight surfaces that need to match the unit code letter. This aircraft was previously called "Miss Minooki" and markings are provided for that should you wish.

Instructions include photos of the aircraft in question to assist. You will also find white backings for the excellent nose art decals.

August 2005

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