PYN-up Decals 48030: Havoc Hussies pt 2

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Scott Van Aken

For the second new A-20 sheet, we now turn to the later A-20J variant. This is available in kit form either from AMT's original issue or the Italeri reboxing. In either case, the kit is very nicely done and there are aftermarket bits to help you trick it out even more, should you wish. Both of these aircraft are from the 410 BG and are both painted in OD over Neutral Grey with Medium Green splotches around all the flight surfaces. They also have Invasion stripes on the undersurface of the fuselage and wings.

First up is 'Mama Lou' of the 647 BS. This has a yellow spinner and gun trough. This aircraft later had yellow cowl rings in case you want to add that. A nice addition are battle damage patches.

The other is 'Bill' of the 644 Bs. It has a splash of color in the red spinner and red flash on the cowling.

As usual, the nose art decals are superbly printed and really do add a huge amount to the finished kit.

August 2005

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