PYN-up Decals 48029 Mitchell Honey's pt 1

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Scott Van Aken

This sheet covers a nice pair of B-25s. Both of these aircraft are in OD over Neutral Grey and both have nice kits available for them from Monogram. While these are a bit older than the current crop of Accurate Miniatures kits, they are also the only ones I know of that are available in 1/48!

The first sample is a B-25H-1 from the 1ACG. 'Erotic Edna' was the personal transport of Gen Orde Wingate.

The other is a gun nose modification of a standard B-25J and assigned to the 501 BS/345 BG. 'Lazy Daisy Mae' has an unpainted nose section and red cowl rings. It was lost in action in early 1945.

The instruction sheet includes photos of both aircraft to assist the modeler. Duplicates of the superbly done nose art are supplied as these are quite thin and require the white backing that is provided with the standard sheet.

August 2005

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