PYN-up Decals 48028: Babe Invaders Pt 1

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Scott Van Aken

Moving on to something from the Korean War is this sheet on the A-26 Invader. You have the very nice Revell-Monogram kit to choose from and these should be relatively available. Probably have to hunt up a resin gun nose for one of these.

First up is an all black gun nose aircraft from the 13 BS/3 BW names 'Versatile Lady'. It has red trim and a skeleton with a scythe on the other side of the nose.

The other is a painted aluminum bomber nose variant with the 728 BS/452 BW. It is named 'Neva Hoppen' and has an impressive mission tally on the nose as well.

Sufficient insignia are supplied for one aircraft. Spare nose art markings are given as these are quite fragile. A white background is given so they are properly opaque. I would expect this to begin a number of nice Korean War Invaders.

August 2005

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