PYN-up Decals 48027: Havoc Hussies pt 1

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Scott Van Aken

Next up are a pair of Havocs. The only kit around for these versions is the AMT kit that has been reissued by Italeri a few years back. You can find them on the usual on-line auction sites if you need one. The aircraft are both Olive Drab over Neutral grey, with lots of staining on the engine nacelles.

The first aircraft is 'Dinah Mite' from the 16th Obs Sq . A yellow fin number is supplied as it could have been this color vice white.

The other is an A-20H of the 388 BS/312 BG, named 'Miss Behavin'. This aircraft has Medium Green splotches on the fin and may well have them on the wings and stabs as well.

In addition to the usual double nose art decals, you have insignia for both aircraft.

August 2005

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