PYN-up Decals 48026: Airacobra Cuties, pt 1

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Scott Van Aken

The next sheet from PYN-up contains two subjects; one of which is probably one of the most modeled P-39s in existence. Both of these aircraft are in OD over Neutral Grey with white tail sections and white wing leading edges. This was the standard ID markings for aircraft operating in New Guinea. The kit of choice will be the very nice Eduard version, though the Monogram kit could be used as well and if you don't mind raised panel lines, it makes into a nice model as well.

The first up is the ever popular P-39D-1 from the 36 FS/8FG operating from Port Moresby, New Guinia in 1943; Air-A-Cutie. Undoubtedly the most gaudy and obviously appealing pair of nose artwork ever applied to a combat aircraft. Recently available photos shows that the serial number was masked over before painting the tail white.

The other is 'Julie', a P-39N from the 41 FS/35 FG operating from Nadzab, New Guinea in late 1943. This one has a yellow spinner and fin tip. Instructions show both color and b&w period shots of this aircraft .

As is the norm, you get a duplicate set of artwork in case it is needed. The decal sheet itself includes the white backing necessary for these decals. In all, a sheet that is sure to sell out quickly.

August 2005

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