PYN-up Decals 48025: Curtiss Cuties pt 2

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Scott Van Aken

The second new P-40 sheet covers a pair of P-40 Warhawks. Kits for this sheet are by Hasegawa, AMtech, Revell, AMT, Mauve, and Arii/Otaki to name a few. Most will choose the Hasegawa version.

First up is Dick Cresswell's P-40E from 77 Sq RAAF in New Guinea during late 1942. This aircraft is in US equivalent paints for Dark Earth/Dark Green over Light Grey. There are a number of notes on this aircraft and are of such length as to make it impossible to put in this review. Needless to say, optional serial numbers and code letters are provided.

The other is a P-40N from the 7th FS/49 FG, also in New Guinea but this time in early 1944. It has the standard white empennage and wing leading edge that was used in New Guinea to keep from being shot down by friendly fire. The nose art on this one is on the right side of the cowling. Tip of the spinner is ANA 501 blue.

The superbly printed nose art markings are provided in doubles in case of accidents. They fit onto white backgrounds which are provided. I can tell you from using these markings on an earlier sheet that they are absolutely first rate and of greater detail than you'll find on standard decal sheets.

June 2005

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