PYN-up Decals 48023: Curtiss Cuties pt 1

Units: 49 & 79 FG




Scott Van Aken

The latest from Pyn-up Decals is this nice pair for Curtiss P-40s. The aircraft are also split between Pacific and Mediterranean theater planes. For the P-40F, you only real choice is the AMtech kit as the AMT version only does the short tailed F model. The P-40E offers more options, but most builders will want to use the new Hasegawa kit, though one could use the AMtech, Revell or Arii/Otaki kit if one wanted to.

First up is X28 from the 85 FS/79 FG. This is a P-40 F (though it could also be a P-40L) and is in the desert camo scheme of Dark Earth/Midstone over Azure Blue. The art is on the rudder of this one. The second digit of the number could also be a 9 and that has been provided.

The other is 'Dollye' from the 8 FS/49 FG. This P-40E is in the standard OD over Neutral Grey and is unremarkable aside from the name and the small nude just behind the cockpit. As with many subjects there are some unknowns and possibilities that cannot be determined precisely from available photos and one is the spinner color, which could have been medium blue as was painted on a number of other unit aircraft.

As is the norm, the superbly printed nose art decals are provided a separate white background and a spare in case of goofs. Overall, a very nice choice of markings for your next Warhawk model.

May 2005

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