PYN-up Decals 48021: P-47 Thunderbolt

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Scott Van Aken

The second new P-47 sheet is also from the  European theater. Tamiya kits are what most will use, but no reason why you couldn't decorate a nice Monogram or Otaki kit with these markings. Insignia for both and data markings for one. The nose art decals are duplicated in case you need one as they are very thin. They are also provided with a white background as they are a bit translucent as well. You'll need to treat these with care as they are easily damaged, but well worth the effort.

First up is a P-47D-28, 'Shack Rat, from the 63 FS/56 FG in 1944. This one has invasion stripes on the lower fuselage and no fin fillet. The artwork is partially painted on an OD background, undoubtedly left over from when the OD was removed from USAAF fighters.

The other is 'Lil Lo' a P-47D-5 from the 354 FS/355 FG in late 1943, This OD/Neutral Grey aircraft also has 'Misbehavin' written with the nose art. In all, a most fetching option for the big P-47.

As with all Cutting Edge products, the research is quite thorough and all that information is provided in with the decals to ensure that you have the most accurate presentation that is possible. These sheets are extremely limited to 300 copies so if you want it, you need to get it soon.

April 2005

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