Pyn-up Decals 48-012: B-29 Superfortress

Units: 28 BS/19 BG




Scott Van Aken


Pull out your Monogram B-29 and blow the dust off it for this is a sheet that really needs to be put on your next B-29 model. This is especially true if you like doing Korean War aircraft. B-29s during that conflict were a bit more colorful than in WWII and they carried some pretty impressive nose art as well.

This one is called 'The Outlaw' as taken from a Rita Hayworth movie. Thanks to a lot of color film being used to photograph planes, we have pretty good reference material to work with and that is especially helpful for this aircraft. The modeler will have to paint the black fin band as well as the green fin tip, wing tips, nose band, nose gear doors and section above the wing roots. Fortunately, this is a big plane and it will be easy to do.

For some reason, a Black Magic Mask with the number '42' is supplied with the sheet though there is no indication how it is to be used. As with the other big bomber sheets, no insignia is provided, though CED 48-270 has what is needed for the B-29. The nose art is supplied in duplicate in case you mess up the first one. These nose art decals are to be used in cool water and not bent in any way as they will break. That is why you get two.

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