Pyn-up Decals 48-008: Spitfires

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Scott Van Aken


One doesn't usually think of Spitfires when it comes to nose art. Unlike today, when the Brits will slap artwork on anything that is going into combat, it wasn't considered proper to do so in WWII. That was something that the uncouth Yanks did as we all know that they are barbarians at heart!

Well, we can rest assured that the stiff upper lip was not moved as these are not strictly Brit units. The first one named 'hello' is a Spit IX that was assigned to the USAAF Flight Test Section in the UK. Not only did it carry P-51 wing tanks, but it had no yellow ID stripe on the wing as it wasn't a combat aircraft. For kits, there are several including ICM, Ocidental, and Hasegawa.

The other is a 401 Sq RCAF Mk Vb flown by F/O Jack Sheppard in late 1943. Other than the figure on the nose, the aircraft is very much a normal Spitfire other than some unusual camo demarcation lines. For the Vb, you have a very nice one by Hasegawa or Tamiya or Airfix to choose from.

As usual, there are white backgrounds for the very nicely done nose art decals and you do get duplicates in case of errors.

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