Pyn-up Decals 48-007: B-29 Superfortress

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Scott Van Aken


Now for the first of two B-29 sheets and this one is for two aircraft. The only kit around is the Monogram B-29 and I seriously doubt if anyone will ever do another in this scale as the finished model is huge. Almost all B-29s are in natural metal and these are no exception.

First up is 'Dauntless Dotty' of the 869 BS/497 BG. This plane has the distinction of not only being the lead aircraft in the first B-29 raid on Tokyo, but also was the first B-29 over the city when it carried out a recce mission a few weeks earlier.

The other is 'Lucky Lady' of the 398 BS/504 BG. Both of these planes have the early tail code markings and if you want the later ones, you'll have to grab them from some other decal sheet.

You'll notice that no insignia is provided and that is as much due to space as anything else. These markings can be found on Cutting Edge CED48-270. Again, you have duplicates of the markings provided on the two aircraft in case you need them. In this case the art work is rather large!

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