Pyn-up Decals 48-003: P-51D Musang

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Scott Van Aken


For the fourth sheet we go to the P-51D Mustang. There are a lot of 1/48 P-51Ds available but most will go for the Tamiya or Hasegawa kit in order to do this one.

First up is the 55 FS/20 FG aircraft flown by Walter 'Moon' Mullins. This is an early D variant without the dorsal fin. An easy enough modification if you aren't afraid of filler and sand paper. It is bare metal with OD on the upper surface of the airframe. The nose is white and black and it has a nice, large nose art. It seems as if it carries black ID bands on the wings and tailplanes.

The other is another un-named aircraft flown by Charles Weaver of the 362 FS/357 FG. It is also in natural metal and has the standard 357th nose markings in yellow and red. These don't seem to be any ID bands on this one.

As with others in this short run decal series, the nose art decals are superbly done and a spare of each is provided in case you need it. A truly excellent way of getting good detail for the fine artwork that was put into each of these masterpieces.

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