Pyn-up Decals 48-002: P-38 Lightning

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Scott Van Aken


For the second P-38 sheet, PYN-up Decals has duplicated the Richard Bong P-38, 'Marge' complete with correct and black and white nose art.

The other aircraft on the sheet is John Cohn's 'Hot Box Annie'. This P-38H-1 is in OD over Neutral Grey and has red fin tips and back half of the spinners. The drawings show that this particular aircraft is somewhat worn  as one would expect of an aircraft operated in the tropics.

As with the other sheets in the series, it is limited to 300 copies and has the superbly printed nose art decals, of which spares are provided in the off chance one of them is messed up. The instructions recommend only the mildest of setting solutions on these decals, with Microsol/Microset being preferred. These really are superb decals and are a big improvement over what is offered by other companies who use standard methods of printing.

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