Print Scale 72-474: EA-6A/B Electronic Aggressors




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Scott Van Aken



I recently ordered some items from a shop in Ukraine and to help spread out the cost of shipping ordered this decal sheet. It will be particularly helpful as I have an EA-6A kit which was missing the decals. This one covers five aircraft from VAQ-33.

The first two are in the full color scheme with one having a tan radome.

The next two are in the TPS that was on planes when they were retired from the unit.

The fifth option is an EA-6B, also in the TPS, which should make for a different look when added to your shelf.

The sheet itself is quite nicely printed and offers sufficient insignia and warning markings for two of the EA-6As and the EA-6B. No stencils are provided so you are on your own for that. Instructions are fair. There is only color info for the TPS scheme planes and not for the earlier planes, which should be in light gull grey over white.  with white flight control surfaces. Note that on the early full color schemes, the pylons, jamming pods and drop tanks should be white and not the grey that is shown, but it is your choice. I have to say that my biggest gripe with Print Scale sheets is the rather meager color information that is provided in some cases.

Still, this is a welcome sheet and does allow you to do an interesting aircraft and scheme. As far as I know, the only 1/72 kits are by Fujimi and Italeri. Considering how few of these planes were converted, I doubt we'll see a newer tooling very soon.  I've included a photo of one of their planes I photographed at Keflavik. It is one digit away from a plane on the sheet.

January 2024

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