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Scott Van Aken



A type that is frequently overlooked by many modelers is the Italeri series of kits on the Do-217K/M. These were not as successful as the Ju-88 or He-111, but were used in fairly large numbers during the middle of the war.

This particular sheet provides a variety of options for this series of bombers. One thing you will notice about the sheet is that there isn't a ton of color involved. Indeed, by 1943, bomber units were pretty much 'codes and crosses' without the fairly large unit badges worn in the earlier years. As the 217 series was mostly used in maritime operations, the basic splinter scheme was RLM 72/73/65.

There are five options provided on the sheet.

1. Do-217K-0. This was a test bed for torpedo bombing with a torpedo under each wing. Yellow lower wing tips and fuselage band. The latter goes through the fuselage insignia. Black undersides.

2. Do-217K-1. Stab KG 2. Black undersides up fairly high on the fuselage sides. White spiral on spinners.

3. Do-217K-1. III./KG 2 based in Holland in 1943. Black undersides fairly high on fuselage sides.

4. Ko-217K-2. 9./KG 100 based in France during 1943. Standard underside color.

5. Do-217M-1. 2./KG 2. Black underside as previous but with upper sides in RLM 76 with RLM 75 'snakes'. Germany early 1944.

The instructions are adequate, but printed on near-newsprint paper. The upper surface 72/73 demarcation lines are impossible to make out and while there are some small pictures for each option, they are so poorly printed as to be useless. Use the kit instructions for camouflage painting. The decals themselves are nicely printed and past experience with them has been positive though they are quite thin.

Not the most inspiring sheet on the planet, but then if one is looking for an option to the kit markings, this is one that will fill the bill.

March 2020


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