Print Scale 72170:  US Navy A-7 Corsair II Stencils




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Scott Van Aken



There are modelers out there for whom no model is complete without all the data stencils. For some planes, this is not a very complex task as they don't carry many. However, when you get in the the late 1950s, and especially on US planes, the number of stencils required for a model can be huge. The A-7A/B/E is no exception and, at least until after the first repaint, there are a lot to install. As can happen, not all stencils are replaced after a repaint, but this is more an exception than a rule.

Print Scale has provided a nice sheet for the Corsair II. The sheet includes one set for the 'hi-vis' scheme and one for the 'low-viz' version. There are insignia for both along with fuselage walk ways (which are more common on the earlier planes). As a note, the low-viz insignia are the larger ones used early in the use of the TPS (Tactical Paint Scheme) as often these were greatly reduced in size in later years.

The sheet comes with a full placement diagram and while it is a bit small for old eyes, it is quite legible. The decals are also very nicely printed and you'll find them to be quite thin.

December 2017

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