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Scott Van Aken



The Bf-108 was the inspiration for the Bf-109 and you can see many design characteristics between two aircft. Wings, tailplanes and landing gear are all very similar. The 108 was not built in the numbers of the 109 as there was no need for 33,000 sports/liaison aircraft. Unlike wartime 109s, a fair number of 108s have survived to this day in the hands of warbird owners. Those who pay attention will notice that often the 108 has been painted like a 109 and used as a substitute in movies. Sort of the same way that a lot of films have T-6s used for Japanese fighters.

The type has been fairly well represented in 1/72 scale with Heller producing a fine kit back in the 1970s. In 2013 Fly released their version. Both companies have had their kits reboxed by a number of manufacturers. This means it is actually fairly easy to locate one if you wish to build it.

There are twelve options on this sheet. Three are Luftwaffe in a base of RLM 70/71/65 with one of them overpainted a lot with a sand shade. Then are two civilian types; one is an air racer in a nice blue while the other is with the German Embassy in London prior to the war. There is a Soviet one that was bought for evaluation and one with the Yugoslav air force in 1940. Three are offered in captured markings. There are two iterations of one brought to the US and one operated by the British in 1942. Finally, a post war Nord 1000 with the French Navy.

The decals are nicely printed as are the instructions. Some of the descriptions make no sense, but you can pretty well figure what is what. Upper and lower views are also given where required. Well worth picking up especially if like I, you have bought some very old Heller kits on the cheap and the kit decals are a disaster.

November 2020

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