PMA Decals PMAD028: P-51D WWII Aces




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Scott Van Aken


For the Hasegawa Eggplane

This set from PMA decals is a first in my book. I have not seen markings specifically designed for the Hasegawa Egg Planes and now here is a very nicely done one. It covers three P-51D Mustangs and while not all are aces, the subjects are quite interesting. All are basically unpainted metal with black anti-glare panels.

The first option is from the 99th FS as flow by George Hardy. This will need the extensive red markings and the yellow wing bands to be painted.

Second is from the 383 FS and flow by another George, this time George Cueteers. He ended the war with 10.5 victories. His aircraft has a white spinner.

The final option is for the plane of Arthur Jeffrey who had a total of 14 victories. His aircraft also has a white spinner and adds to it a red rudder.

The decals themselves are superbly printed with no registration errors. They are a bit thicker than some of the tissue thin ones we have seen from the Czechs, and are also quite glossy. It includes a full color markings guide and uses Mr.Color paint references. There are enough data markings to do one aircraft.

An excellent choice for those of you wanting something a bit different.

February 2012

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