Natural Born Modelers USD-6: F-22A Raptor

Units: All of them plus more.


2200 yen.


Scott Van Aken

From the folks at comes a new sheet in 1/72 for the F-22A Raptor. I'm pretty sure that the sheet covers all the current units in the USAF that are flying the type. This may also be it in terms of squadrons as there are no more scheduled to be built past the current contract. It will be interesting to see how many F-15/F-16 units will be disappearing as the total number of aircraft in the USAF continues to dwindle down.

In addition to the current operators, there is an HH coded plane for the alleged use by the Hawaii ANG, a rather nice touch. An even nicer touch is that there are markings for every JASDF unit that has ever flown a fighter, providing a plethora of 'what if' markings for Raptor fans. This is a pretty cool addition and adds some spice to an already nice sheet. I notice that there are enough common markings to do three aircraft. I also have spotted a small row of kill markings for Chinese and North Korean aircraft. No kit is specified, but I believe the best out there in this scale is by Revell.  The sheet is superbly printed by Cartograf so you know the quality is first rate. Judging from the number of markings on the sheet, there are easily two dozen options from which to choose.

If you have the Revell or other 1/72 F-22A kit and are looking for something a bit different from the norm, then this is  the one for you.

My thanks to Platz Hobby for the review set. You can get this on-line at once it has been entered into their database. Ask your local shop to start carrying the line as they have a number of other sheets in their catalogue.

October 2009

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